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Inside the mind of Mike Tyson
Thanks to Neil Barry for this illuminating link

Just returned from Italy. April 29

Vanessa and I popped across the pond during the waning moments of the war with Iraq and the waxing days of SARS. Never dull, that trip to Europe. We had a nice visit with our niece and god daughter, Greta, and worked a bit on our newly acquired patch of land in the Venetian hills. Below is a picture from Easter Sunday in Bassano del Grappa. We also took a drive across the border through Slovenia and down to Croatia to visit some property on the Adriatic that her Father bought. He was trying to convince us to build a house there too. My impression of Croatia is a country replete with ancient and modern ruins accented by a hint of desperation. Maybe we will wait until after they enter the E.U. and get with the program....

February 11 - 14, 2003 San Jose
Last week I flew to San Jose for the annual Cisco training partner meeting. I took an early flight from Raleigh through Chicago and arrived about 1 PM in San Jose. I took three meetings that afternoon then pointed the rental car north for San Francisco. There I met Tony Parisi and his wife Marina. Tony was one of the creators of VRML, a mid-nineties attempt to create a 3D standard for the Internet. The latest iteration of this movement is X3D. And Tony has written this code almost single-handedly.
That evening we went to North Beach for a private Surface Magazine party. Surface is a magazine created by Richard Klein and Riley John Donnell, two san Francisco legends for the ritzy warehouse parties they used to organize in SOMA. At this party they were celebrating having closed a deal for a new hotel they were building in New York on the lower east side called, you guessed it - Surface. They were very gracious hosts and invited us to the opening of the hotel in September.

While waiting on a meeting in San Jose I stepped into Johnny Rockets for one of their amazing chocolate milk shakes. I turned to my left to see someone familiar who had the same idea. I had the opportunity to chat with Evander Holyfield for a few minutes. He was in San Jose working with some young boxers who were trying to qualify for the next Olympics. The ear looked pretty good.


Rico and sponsorhsip of PacWest racing ...