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Original Fiction by Richard Boyd
These are stories I wrote last Christmas in Marostica, Italy.
Each story is based on someone I saw or heard about in the piazza.
(Acrobat Reader required
Breaking the Glass
The Spaniard
La Partita

The American
(Links discontinued as I start shopping for a publisher)

This is a short piece I wrote after an operation
Pieces of Me

How Vanessa and I met
La Nostra Storia

Motion Picture Portfolio

Fearless and Mission Impossible
In 1991 I created a scene for a very successful Paramount movie called Fearless. So, obviously I am a bit biased. But this is a movie I have returned to several times over the years. The existential issues it raises are so universal that I think it will be relevant forever. Fantastic performance by Jeff Bridges. Early performance by one of my favorite actors, Benicio del Toro. I was working at Virtus Corporation in 1991 late on a Friday evening when I received a call from Suzanne Peck, the art designer for the film. At that time we were teaching our 3-D design software for Macintosh at the American Film Institue in LA. Peter Weir had heard about our software and was interested in having it for one of the scenes. I think that there was originally more background to a character named Nutty Nick. But I guess he was cut from the film. Suzanne asked me to create a 3D model of the Nutty Nick's project and save it as a real-time 3D model for Bridges and De Lancey (Q from Star Trek), playing partners in an architecural firm, to review in one scene on the plane. I created the model over the weekend and sent it to Paramount for shooting by Monday afternoon. I had forgotten all about it until I went to the movie two years later and saw my work on screen. I didn't make the connection because all of my correspondence with Weir and Suzanne had the movie titled "Joyride". This was one of the first examples of real-time 3-D "CAD" software in a motion picture. Get this movie and watch it on rainy afternoons. It will definitely give you some perspective on life.

In 1993 I also went out to Pinewood Studios in London to help Brian de Palma construct virtual sets for Mission Impossible. No work appears in the movie, though.

What I am reading now

Pattern Recognition William Gibson
The DaVinci code

Don Delillo's Cosmopolis

The Mind of War: John Boyd and American Security
Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed The Art of War

Boyd, no relation although I suspect we are kindred spirits, was a maverick who bucked the military system yet still managed to make it to Colonel instead of being court martialed. Through these two books and other writings he is quietly emerging as one of the most influential thinkers on military strategy and tactics since Clausewitz. He takes Sun tzu to heart and takes it further. He believed that the best victory is one where you don't have to fight, only outmaneuver and confuse the enemy until he withdraws or surrenders. This contrasts with Clausewitz who preaches about the Decisive battle as the best route to victory. Boyd is known for creating the concept of OODA loops (now known as Boyd loops) - the process of compressing time and getting inside of an opponent's decision process to gain an advantage. OODA stands for Observation, Orientation, Decision and Action.

If he were alive today, his supporters agree that he would be frustrated to see Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein using the tactics he taught against us while we stumble toward our Clausewitz clash with Saddam.

Recommended Reading.
The heavy air travel schedule I have endured for the last decade while covering technology sales for Asia, Europe and the Middle East has resulted in a very voluminous reading list. There are a number of great authors out there, but the following list represents those who have had the greatest impression on me. If you read any of these you will see the common thread of masters of the language able to weave tremendous lyrical accounts of every human condition.

Mark Helprin

  • Memoir from Antproof Case
  • A Soldier of the Great War
  • Winter's Tale
  • Ellis Island and Other Stories
  • A Dove of the East and Other Stories

Don Delillo

  • Underworld
  • White Noise
  • Mao II
  • Americana
  • The Names
  • Ratner's Star
  • The Body Artist
  • End Zone

Richard Ford

  • A Piece of My Heart
  • Wildlife
  • The Ultimate Good Luck
  • Independence Day
  • Rock Springs
  • Women and Men

Douglas Adams

  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  • The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
  • Life, The Universe and Everything
  • So Long and Thanks for all the Fish

The Notebook the Proof the Third Lie: Three Novels.
The Notebook, The Proof and the Third Lie is a trilogy of mixed perspective narrative that challenges the reader early on to try to trace the real story line amid the clipped, stark prose of Kristof. It seems to be a diatribe against passion. Every passionate character in the book suffers. Especially from the by-products of love -- lust and duty. More...