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Welcome to my site, my latest attempt to coagulate the rambling musings of my four decades on this planet. I was encouraged to do this by some friends on the avant garde of the blogging phenomonon. Check out Frank Boosman's and Joichi Ito's blog sites for a better example of how this is supposed to be done. For more on blogging in general go to

Bear in mind that this site is created by a liberal arts guy who never used a computer in college and has never written one line of code. Still, I share their fondness for all things technological and all things that hold promise for a better future.

Brief Bio
I am a 38 year old serial entrepeneur based in central North Carolina. I was born in Oklahoma and grew up in Texas and North Carolina as the son of an Air Force lieutenant colonel. I am married to Vanessa, whom I met in a small town in Italy near Venice. The fact that I was able to lure her here from her home in the foothills of the Dolomites is the truest testament to my sales skills.

I am currently working with a team of engineers and deep thinkers for whom I have tremendous respect. We have worked together on and off for more than a decade. In an economic climate where everyone is running for cover we have made great progress in both the wireless document and data fields and are continuing our work in 3D simulation. For more on these two endeavors please visit AirEight and 3Dsolve.

Prior to founding AirEight, I was the CEO of 3dvillage, Inc. a 3D online multimedia company I founded in 1999 that was acquired by Periscope3 in September, 2002. Before that, I was General Manager and VP of Sales for Virtus, where I worked for nearly a decade. In addition to these duties over the years, I spoke at key industry conferences such as Comdex, MacWorld, Windows World-London, NCGA, Web3D and the Meckler Virtual Reality conferences. I also spearheaded the effort to use 3D visualization technologies to create virtual environments for movies such as Warner Brothers' feature Fearless, a John Hay film titled The Steal, as well as during the pre-production phase of Brian dePalma's blockbuster Mission: Impossible. With David Smith, I co-wrote an industry-leading book on VRML technologies that was widely distributed and translated into three foreign languages in 1995. I am a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

I will be contributing to the links on the left when the muse grabs me or I come across something sufficiently noteworthy or ludicrous.

If you have any comments please send me a note.